Electrical & Data Cabling

If you are looking for quality, affordable electrical and data cabling services, then what do you need to know? It’s not simply a case of choosing a company, but making sure you actually understand what you need from them before they even start.

At Techno Tech we have created this short guide that will help you understand the types of services available, so you can make an educated decision when choosing your provider.

Electrical services typically cover:

  • installation work for retail, financial, industrial or commercial systems, whether a new build or an existing site;
  • simple moves and changes as well as the installation of more complex electrical multi-site services;
  • repairs, maintenance, and inspections.

For a more exhaustive list, please see further down this guide.

What services should they provide?

  • an experienced company, such as ourselves at Techno Tech, will offer a diverse range of services, in both electrical and building provision;
  • the project should include planning, design, installation and testing, to maintenance, if needed;
  • paying special attention to risk management, and health and safety, as well as providing relevant documentation and CAD drawings and plans as requested should all be part of the service;
  • finally, forward planning beyond the initial installation process is an essential part of preparing you and your business for their electrical future. This means, that should you suddenly need to expand, your existing installation can easily be added to, without the time and unnecessary extra expense of having a brand new system installed.

Techno Tech employs qualified, certified Electrical and Data Cabling engineers to provide the following services and this list may give you an idea as to the skills to look out for when choosing your provider.


  • 240V / 415V installation;
  • 3 phase and ‘commando’ sockets;
  • Access control
  • Distribution units
  • Electrical drawings
  • Electrical survey and audit
  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire and security alarms;
  • Floor boxes
  • General electrical repair and maintenance;
  • Installation design and schedule;
  • Lighting design and installation;

Data Cabling

  • Cat 5 / 5e cabling
  • Cat 6 / 7 cabling
  • Coaxial cabling
  • Data cabinets
  • Fibre optic cabling
  • Floor boxes
  • Full design and drawings
  • Full system testing and certification;
  • Intelligent patching
  • Project management
  • Server racking

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